Photography: Cheryl Mann, Jonathan Mackoff, Colleen Cahill, Sumi Wu, Kristie Kahns

Photography: Cheryl Mann, Jonathan Mackoff, Colleen Cahill, Sumi Wu, Kristie Kahns

“In the early 2000's, we recognized that our survival depended upon developing a comprehensive relationship with our local community. This involved creating and administering an education outreach program to area schools and creating an annual dance camp for young students age 3-14. Realizing she was perfect for the task, we asked Renée to lead these programs and develop them in what we call "The BodyVox Way", a system with creativity, wit, humor and energy. Renée embraced this task with full commitment, creating a curriculum with structure and inspiration that to this day we continue to build upon.” Jamey Hampton; Artistic Director BodyVox, January 25, 2014

"Renée's leadership and organization skills provided Luna Negra Teaching Artists the support necessary to effectively run dance residencies in Chicago Public Schools. Her role as an Education Specialist was imperative to improving the DanceReach program for Luna Negra Dance Theater." Josen Torres; Luna Negra Dance Theater Teaching Artist, June 4, 2013

“Miss Adams profoundly impacted the arts culture in the Portland metro area.  During her tenure at BodyVox Renée has excelled in all areas of curriculum building and connecting the importance of art to human development. Her curriculum studies are ingeniously designed and tailored to the needs and levels of the students she teaches. Students gain a fresh understanding of multiple subjects. Her impact reaches beyond the classroom into enriching children with a greater sense of worth, value, respect and self-confidence.” Anita Mitchell; Director of Northwest American Ballet, May 20, 2011

“Renée helped students make powerful connections between dance and content taught in the classroom. Before beginning her residency, she requested a vocabulary list from each of the teachers, which she used to guide classes in choreographing dance pieces linked to the students’ social studies and science units. Representing abstract ideas like “watersheds” and “citizenship” through creative movement allowed the students a new point of entry into the academic content, and provided an especially exciting way for our kinesthetic learners to engage in the material. Renée was animated, positive, fun, and never lost the kids’ attention for a moment.  This, and moves like printing out nametags for each student so that she could call them by name, helped to build rapport, and a safe space where children felt free to express themselves.” Jen Wozniak; Springwater Environmental Sciences School, December 17, 2009 

“Renée is a gifted teacher who inspired our shy two-year old girl to come out of her shell and explore freely with body movement and music. We have seen this happen again and again with other children. Renée has a way of creating a safe, welcoming space for people and children pick up on that immediately.  My six-year-old daughter chose to have her birthday party at BodyVox with Renée. Renée took a group of children that were diverse in age, ability and willingness and developed a fabulous two-hour party that thrilled all those who were present. We were quite impressed by her ability to read the individuals in the group and shift activities according to their level of comfort with dance and body awareness, as well as their energy levels.”  Jeanette Swafford, parent. August 20, 2009

"Renée led a 10 session dance class for 3 groups of kindergarteners at my school for the past 2 years. The students were very engaged with all of the activities Renée planned and had very positive attitudes about dance by the end of the sessions. She was enthusiastic and it was contagious. She had great communication with the children and excellent participation. The children left the class knowing new vocabulary and developed a love and appreciation of dance." Gabrielle Klugherz, Kindergarten teacher Hillsboro School District. April 3, 2008. 

"Renée Adams has been teaching at The School of Spectrum Dance Theater since January 2005 teaching Creative Tap (3-4 yrs) and Pre-Ballet in Spectrum's Children's Division. She brings in-depth knowledge, fun, encouragement and discipline to the classes she teaches. Renée has definitely created a "following" here at Spectrum!." Shawn Hensley, Spectrum Dance Theater School and Education Director. May 2, 2005.