Lesson Plan Examples

On this page you will find examples of my work in curriculum development and lesson planning. These are both complete lessons and lesson "snapshots". If you have questions or would like to start a dialog about my work send me an email at reneelynnadams@gmail.com. Click the titles to view the full pdf of each lesson plan. 

Jose Guadalupe Posada

Jose Guadalupe Posada

This is an example unit plan that I created using the California State Benchmarks in Dance and Visual Arts as well as benchmarks in Common Core. The unit was created with Gabriella Charter School in mind (K-8 Charter School based in Echo Park in Los Angeles). It is targeted towards 8th graders who have taken modern dance twice a week for one year. Ideally the unit would be paired with a classroom teachers unit on the Mexican Revolution or on how art can represent or comment upon social issues of the time throughout cultures. 


These three snapshot lessons were also created for Gabriella Charter School but with the specific task of integrating creative dance with science concepts for 2nd graders. The first lesson "Describing Relationships" is intended as a stand alone lesson for the classroom teacher. The other two lessons are geared towards use with a larger unit taught by a dance artist. These examples are "snapshots" so you will only see an outline of each activity, not supporting details. 


In 2010 I joined Luna Negra Dance Theater (Chicago) as a dancer. In 2011 I used my free hours from rehearsals, performances, and tours to join the administrative team as Education Specialist. My main task was to create a sequential residency curriculum that spanned 1st-6th grade and also included high school. The curriculum had to set clear goals for each of the five extremely different (and talented!) teaching artists in a way that created consistency in teaching approach across our program. It also had to allow for different teaching styles, classroom content and whatever other circumstances arose within the classroom. Luna Negra (and by association, DanceReach) closed it's doors due to financial difficulty in June of 2013.